ChemCon 2020 (11th Conference of Pakistan Society of Chemical Pathologists)

Prof. Dr. Tariq Ahmed
Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rehman
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Suleman Khan
Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz Hussain
Dr. Muhammad Bilal Ghafoor
Dr. Sabahat Tariq
Dr. Nabila Rauf
Dr. Umar Khalid
Mr. Muhammad Ali Malik



The abstract for oral or poster presentation should consist of the clear information of the scientific study. It should be between 200 and 250 words, broken down into four sections including the introduction, methods, results, and conclusion. The scientific comittee of ChemCon 2020 reserves the right to accept or reject. Time duration for
Oal presentation will be 8 minutes.

For Poster Presentation poster size will be 36” × 48” and orientation will be verticle as per specimen.




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