Department of Medical Unit – I





Department of Medicine was established in 2005. It consists of tow units, Medical –I, Medical –II. Both have separate male and female wards.

Head Of The Department:

  • 1St HOD Prof. Dr. Eice Muhammad (Ex. Principal) MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)
  • 2nd HOD Prof. Dr. Irfan Ahmad F.C.P.S (Medicine), F.C.P.S (Gastroenterology)
  • 3rd HOD Prof. Dr. Farah Shafi
  • Present HOD HOD Prof. Dr. Irfan Ahmad F.C.P.S (Medicine), F.C.P.S (Gastroenterology)


Each medical unit has 37 beds of male patients and 26 beds for female patients. Wards are equipped for routine medical care including cardiopulmonary resuscitation facilities cardiac and oxygen saturation monitoring, oxygen supplies nebulization, suction and ECG. Procedures like nasogastric intubation, urinary catheterization, (Peritoneal, Pleural and pericardial), Lumbar puncture, joint aspiration and peritoneal dialysis are routinely done.
Emergency Department: Emergency cover is provided by both units on alternate days for 24 hours. Sunday emergency cover is also provided on alternate basis. All kinds of medical emergencies are dealt with and those patients who require prolonged medical care are admitted in respective medical unite. ICU: Sheikh Zayed Hospital has 6 bedded ICU. Medical Patients who require prolonged intensive care are transferred to and managed in ICU under supervision of respective medical unite
Outpatient Clinics: Both medical unite run outpatient clinics from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM on alternate days excluding public holidays. Two rooms are available for consultation of medical patients. A diabetic clinic rums six days a week and a hepatitis clinic runs three days a week in addition to 2 consultation rooms.
Tetanus ward Three bedded tetanus ward is also attached with medical patient. Gastrointestinal
Endoscopy Room: Diagnostic and therapeutic (sclerotherpy, variceal band ligation, Histoacry1 injection of gastric varices, adrenaline injection to peptic ulcer) gastroscopies and diagnostic colonoscopies are routinely done.


Last year 11,983 patients were admitted in both medical unite including 45% female patients. Last year 697,611 patents were seen in medical OPD including 40% female patients