Department of Neurosurgery




Department of  Neurosurgery was established in 1995 by the posting of Dr. Altaf Hussain as Neuro Surgeon

Heads Of The Department:

  • Dr. Mohammad Ali Bukhari (01-03-2006 to 31-08-2006)
  • Dr. Mohammad Arshad Chaudhary (01-09-2006 to 30-11-2006)
  • Associate Profesor Dr. Mohammad Ali Bukhari (01-12-2006 to date)
  •  Head of Department is Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zaffar Iqbal

Date of Recognition of Neurosurgery Department with CPSP:

  • Recognition Date of  Neurosurgery Department with CPSP is  24-04-2010


Following latest equipment/ facilities are available in the Phase-II Operation Theatre which has revolutionized the Neurosurgery in this region. Operating Neurosurgical Microscope with TV Monitor. Image Intensifier with TV Monitor. Craniotome for Cutting Skull Bones. Spinal Operating Drill with Different Diamond Burrs. Cloward Cervical Spinal Surgery Instruments Set. Spinal Surgery Instruments Sets for Fixation of Thoracic & Lumbar Spines. Mono & Bipolar Diathermy for Neurosurgery. Neurosurgical Operating Table with All Accessories.


Recently the main ICU has become functioning. This facility has enabled us to operate upon patients of Brain Tumors with adequate post operative care in the ICU inclusive of ventilatory and monitoring facilities.

Cases of spinal injury and deformity are also being operated and spinal fixation is carried out with adjustable Titanium cage.

High dependency portion, consisting of seven beds is underway to look after serious patients in the Neurosurgical Ward. Last year 1500 patients were admitted to the Neurosurgical unit through OPD and Emergency ward. 250 patients with Hydrocephalus, 170 patients with Head Injuries, 60 patients with Intracerebral hemorrhage, 40 patients with Neural Tube Defects, 30 Patients with spinal Injury requiring Fixation and 10 Patients with Brain Tumors were operated.


  • Availability of ventriculo endoscope in neurosurgery Department
  • Out Door Patients: 11666 Patients Indoor Patients: 2385 Patients
  • Major Operations: 267 (Brain Tumour 15, internal fixation of spine 20)
  • Minor Operations: 1588