Department of Anatomy





History and Establishment of Anatomy department

Anatomy department of Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan was established in December 2004. Professor Dr Mansoob Ahmad Khan (MBBS, M. Phil Anatomy) was the first head of department. He had thirty eight years experience of teaching anatomy in various medical colleges of public and private sector. Department was held in high esteem by PMDC during his first visit in July 2006. Various sections of the department are developed to impart quality education. Gross anatomy is taught in the dissection hall with the aid of cadavers, models and bony skeletons. Dissection hall is provided with mortuary room which can accommodate twelve cadavers in its refrigerators. The practical classes of microscopic anatomy are taught in the histology lab. The lab is well equipped with compound microscopes, closed circuit TV camera, dissecting microscope and histology slides. The students are also provided with opportunity to study anatomy with the help of prosected specimens, models and bones, being displayed in the anatomy museum.

Head Of The Department

  • The first head of the department Professor Dr. Mansoob Ahmad Khan, MBBS, M. Phil Anatomy with thirty five years teaching experience, worked as head of Anatomy department from December 29, 2004 to February 28, 2009.
  • The Second head of the department Professor Dr. Athar Maqbool, MBBS, M. Phil Anatomy having twenty eight years of teaching experience worked as head of department from March 1, 2009 to June 21, 2015.
  • The present head of the department Professor Dr. Owais Hameed, MBBS, FCPS (Surgery) having thirteen years of teaching experience worked as head of department from June 22, 2015 to date.

Faculty of Department

Sr. No.
1 Dr. Owais Hameed Professor
 2 Dr. Zia-ur-Rehman Alv Associate Professor
3 Dr. Fatima Ghafoor Senior Demonstrator
4 Dr. M. Shafiq Ahmed Senior Demonstrator
5 Dr. Solmaz Masood Senior Demonstrator
6 Dr. Sumya Ghaffar Senior Demonstrator
7 Dr. Asghar Ali Senior Demonstrator
8 Dr. Roshan Ali Senior Demonstrator
9 Dr. Faryal Wali Demonstrator
10 Dr. Romeela Amjad Demonstrator
11 Dr. Maria Arshad Demonstrator
12 Dr. Iqra Mujahid Demonstrator

New Facilities and achievement of Anatomy Department

Anatomy department of Sheikh Zayed Medical College has shifted to its new building where a capacious mortuary with new refrigerators and equipments is established to enhance the mortuary services in the region. A new teaching microscope, binocular microscopes, a close circuit camera for microscopes and a number of anatomy models and torsos are a new addition in histology lab and museum of Anatomy department.

The Student who got 1st position in the subject of Anatomy

Sr. No. Name Roll No. Obtained Marks  in Anatomy Session
First Professional Exam
1 Arfa Batool 431 163/200 2016
2 Saniya Kamal 01 169/200 2017
3 Sana Shakoor 784 164/200 2018
4 Tasleem Anwar 820 164/200
5 Rameen Nadeem Gill 935 164/200
6 Samra Inam 171 169/200 2019
7 Zureez Shabbir 229 175/200 2020
8 Hafsa Khalid 628 168/200 2021
Second Professional Exam
1 Kaynat Khalid 227 159/200 2016
2 Maheen Shahid 405 167/200 2017
3 Arfa Batool 431 167/200
4 Amina Arif 37 174/200 2018
5 Aroosa Fatima 53 174/200
6 Areej Munawar 867 171/200 2019
7 Asad Ali 98 171/200 2020
8 Kainat Fatima 334 175/200 2021