Department of Bio-Chemistry


Dr. Sh. Khurram Salam Shegal

Associate Professor & Head of Biochemistry



The Department of Biochemistry is an integral part of Sheikh Zayed Medical College/Hospital Complex, Rahim Yar Khan. It consists of five offices, Laboratory, Store Room, Lecture Hall,  Conference Room and Museum / Demonstration Room. The offices are spacious, airy, well lighted with attached bath rooms. The Laboratory and some of the offices are air-conditioned. The lecture hall is impressive, well lighted, air-conditioned and equipped with most modern teaching aids like Multimedia and overhead slide projector. The Lecture Hall has got seating capacity for almost 250 students. The Lecture Hall is also used as Examination Hall for college exams as well as University of Health Sciences examinations. Online lectures are also available. The Laboratory has the capacity for more than 80 students at a time. The department also has computers and internet facility to maintain departmental record, prepare multimedia slides and play audiovisual CDs.


There are five offices with wide corridor. The corridor is decorated with boards having names of students who got distinctions in the subject of Biochemistry in University of Health Sciences Examinations and different illustrations of Biochemistry. The offices are airy and well lighted; one office for Professor, one for Associate Professor, two for Assistant Professors, one for Demonstrators and one for Senior Scale Stenographer.


A departmental Library comprising of a number of books on Biochemistry and allied subjects has been maintained in the department for consultation and ready references for teaching staff of the Department.


The Biochemistry Laboratory is spacious and enough to accommodate about 80 to 85 students at a time in batches for Practical. The laboratory is equipped with all essential equipment, glassware and chemicals needed for under graduate students as per requirement of PM&DC/PMC Pakistan. It is fully air conditioned. The Laboratory has been decorated with beautiful flow charts of Biochemistry subject.

Adjacent to the laboratory, a store room for storing the equipment, chemicals and other items of the biochemistry department.

Faculty of Department

1 Dr. Sh. Khurram Salam Sehgal, Associate Professor
2 Dr. Javed Iqbal, Assistant Professor BPS-18
3 Dr. Tariq Hussain, Senior Demonstrator BPS-18
4 Dr. Rafay-ur-Rehman, Senior Demonstrator BPS-18
5 Dr. Rehana Dilshad, Senior Demonstrator BPS-18
6 Dr. Asia Hussain, Senior Demonstrator BPS-18
7 Dr. Hina Allah Ditta, Senior Demonstrator BPS-18
8 Dr. Saira Kalsoom, Senior Demonstrator BPS-18
9 Dr. Hammad Ahmad, Demonstrator BPS-17
10 Dr. Afshin Aman, Demonstrator BPS-17
11 Dr. Anila Zaman, Demonstrator BPS-17
12 Dr. Zara Zafar, Demonstrator BPS-17
13 Dr. Faseeha Hussain, Demonstrator, BPS-17
14 Dr. Dur-e-Shahwar, Demonstrator, BPS-17

Heads of Department

i). 1st Head of Department: – Mr. Mehboob Bari, Associate Professor of Biochemistry took the charge as First Head of the department from 31.08.2004 to 30.03.2003.

ii). Second Head of Department: – Prof. Dr. M. Asghar Sultan was second Head of Department from 31.03.2006 to 07.08.2008.

iii). Third Head of Department: – Dr. Nasir Ali Shaikh, was third Head of Department from 08.08.2008 to 05.02.2009.

iv). Fourth Head of Department: – Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad was fourth Head of the Department from 06.02.2009 to 31-12-2021.

iv). Present Head of Department: – Dr. Sh. Khurram Salam Sehgal is the present Head of the Department from 01.01.2022 to to-date.


  • Affiliation by University of Health Sciences, Lahore since 2003.
  • Recognition by PMDC, Islamabad, Pakistan since 2003.

Department of Biochemistry, Sh. Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan was established in August 2004.

New Facilities and Achievement

  1. Departmental Library
  2. College/Hospital Library
  3. Online Lectures Facility is available.
  4. Availability of Photostat of lecture and related material
  5. Display of Biochemical Aspects through charts
  6. Audiovisual Facilities
    1. Multimedia Projector
    2. Lap Top Computer
    3. Over Head/Slide Projector
  7. Computer along with printer
  8. Scanner


                   The Department of Biochemistry teaches MBBS 1st Year, 2nd Year as well as DPT, B.Sc. (Hons) and B.Sc. Nursing education is given to the students. Biochemistry is an excellent department from which five different classes are taught every year.


  1. ELIZA Machine (continue installation process)
  2. 2. PCR Machine (continue installation process)


In collaboration with University of Health Sciences Lahore and Medical Education Department Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan, Post Graduate Program (M.Phil, FCPS & M.D.) and various workshops for capacity training of faculty are going on regularly. We also recently organized and completed an ICMT / CHPE (International Certificate in Medical Teaching/Certificate in Health Professional Education arranged through CILT & SEDA, UK) by Tameer-e-Millat University, Islamabad.