Department of Oral and Dental Surgery

Dr. Shazia Shabum 


Dental Officer

  • Dr. Ghazala Ahmadani
  • Dr. Nadia Ambreen
  • Dr. Amna Jahangir
  • Dr. Rabia Munir
  • Dr. Zarin Bibi
  • Dr. Huma
  • Dr. Shanza
  • Dr. Mizrab Sajjad
  • Dr. Hina Ali


Department of Oral and Dental Surgery was established in 1957 when this hospital was up graded as D. H.Q. hospital.

Head Of The Department

Dr. Shazia Shabnum , is the head of dental department from 1st July 2011 up till now


There are 4 rooms in the dental department out of which 2 rooms are used as offices of the staff and the other 2 rooms are used as dental surgeries where 3 dental clinics are situated. A fourths dental unit and orthopentogram with cephelometric system is installed inpatient department of old DHQ Hospital Building near to Eye Operation Theater. This unit and OPG are used for maxillofacial surgery cases which are admitted in the male and female ENT Wards. We are allocated five beds in ENT ward for such cases and another 7 beds will be added to ENT Male ward for this purpose.


A Dept. of oral maxillofacial surgery is also in planning’s. A seat of maxillofacial surgery has been approved. A team under supervision of maxillofacial surgery will manage trauma and emergencies Maxillofacial surgery Dept. will be attached with new emergency Dep.

No of Dental Procedures Performed By Dental Department : On Monthly Basis
140 pts / per Day (Performed by Dental Department) in Dental OPD .

1. RCT

a. RCT Opening 68

b. Cresophund dressing 71

c. Obturaction P/F 53

2. Fillings 35

3. Tooth Extractions  260/per month

4. Fracture Cases  15/ per month

5. Epicoectomies  3

6. Impaction  4

7. X_rays

a. Penapical View 255

b. OPG 70