Department of Physiotherapy

Mr. Muhammad Shafi



Physiotherapy Department was established in 1988. .

Head Of The Department

Muhammad Shafi, Bsc.PT. MPPS (JPMC Karachi), Senior Physiotherapist.

Faculty members for Doctor of Physical therapy (5 Years) Course

1-Mr Muhammad Shafi (Senior Physiotherapist) Head of Physiotherapy Department

2-Mrs Fozia nawaz Physiotherapist (Lecturer)
3- Miss Fouzia Batool Assistant Physiotherapist (Course Coordinator)
4-Mr Shahid Sarwar Assistant Physiotherapist (Lecturer)
5-Miss Zara Zulfiqar Assistant Physiotherapist (Lecturer)
6-Mrs Faiza Anwar Assistant Physiotherapist (Lecturer)
7-Mrs Maliha Aziz Assistant Physiotherapist (Lecturer)


  • Infra Red radiation Therapy.
  • Short wave Diathermy therapy.
  • Ultrasound Therapy.
  • Wax Bath therapy.
  • Electric nerve stimulation therapy (pain and strengthening).
  • Gym for physical exercises and rehabilitation.
  • Cerebral palsy child rehabilitation centre.
  • EMR Biofeedback (therapeutic and diagnostic).
  • Digital lumbar and cervical traction.
  • Hydrotherapy, Physical exercises like mobilization, range of motion exercises, manipulation, PNF techniques
  • Bobath technique, Balancing and co-ordination exercises and etc.

The patients suffering from following diseases are treated in the department, Paralysis, polio, Muscels and Joints Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chest Therapy, C.P., Frozen Shoulder, Osteo, Arthritis, Backache, Lumber & cervical spondylosis, Knee and Ankle sprain, etc.

No. of Treatment Beds are 10 (with 1 EMG Biofeedback room) Total patients treated per day is about 150 to 200 (Indoor and Outdoor).