Literary Week 2014

After a lingering period of hectic curricular activities and a frenzied schedule of tests and exams, finally blew an air of fun and exuberance. Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan organized cultural and literary week from May 10 to 14, 2014.

These fervent and vigorous activities were inaugurated by Principal SZMC and Patron in Chief, Professor Dr. Muhammad Saeed. The events were organized by the Anatomy Department under the commendable direction of Chief Organizer and Chairman Professor, Dr. Athar Maqbool and other faculty members with the collaboration of student organizers.

The indefatigable efforts and ardor of Dr. Athar Maqbool, his department and all the organizers made it possible to implement an exceedingly gratifying and beguiled literary week.

    As is customary, the Literary week began with Qirrat and Naat competition held on May 10, 2014. The event was supervised by Professor Dr. Mehmood Saeed and the judges were Professor Dr. Mehmood Saeed, Associate Professor Dr. Aftab Ahmad and Hafiz Masood Tariq. An appreciable number of students participated in the event and the winners were:

Qirrat Competition (Girls):

  • Anam Manzoor (3rd Year) – First
  • Maria Tariq (4th Year) – Second
  • Mahnoor Munir (2nd Year) – Third

Qirrat Competition (Boys):

  • Hafiz Ramzan Aziz (4th Year) – First
  • Noman Abid (1st Year) – Second
  • Muhammad Abubakar (4th Year) – Third

Naat Competition (Girls):

  • Aqsa Kausar (4th Year) – First
  • Shahana Majeed (5th Year) – Second
  • Anam Raza (2nd Year DPT) – Third

Naat Competition (Boys):

  • Usman Akram (3rd Year) – First
  • Adan Javaid (1st Year) – Second
  • Asad Mehmood (4th Year) – Third

     The second day of the literary week comprised of English and Urdu debate competition. The topic for English debate was “A successful life means money or knowledge” and for Urdu debate “Kehte hain jis ko ishq khalal hai damagh ka”. The students presented their perspectives in favour or against the topic fueling an argument that made it difficult for the judges to reach a verdict. The supervisor for English debates was Professor Dr. Tariq Mehmood Rehan and Judges were Professor Dr. Atifa Shuaib, Associate Professor Dr. Irshad-ul-Haq and Associate Professor Dr. Syed M. Aijaz Ali. The supervisor for Urdu debates was Professor Dr. Aamir Riaz Bhutta and judges were Associate Professor Dr. Irshad-ul-Haq, Associate Professor Dr. Hassan Mehmood Tabassum and Assistant Professor Dr. Shehzad Qadri. The position holders were:

English Debate Competition:

  • Komal Ejaz (4th Year) – First
  • Tahir Mehmood (3rd Year) – Second
  • Muhammad Salman (5th Year) and Mukarram Aziz (4th Year) – Third

Urdu Debate Competition:

  • Muhammad Armaghan (4th Year) – First
  • Zeeshan Saddiq (1st Year) – Second
  • Muhammad Salman (5th Year) – Third

      Punjabi and Saraiki Debate Competition was held on May 12, 2014.This exceedingly enjoyable event was supervised by Professor Dr. Muhammad Tariq and Judges were Professor Dr. Atifa Shuaib, Associate Professor Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Yar and Associate Professor Dr. Ghulam Sabir. The position holders were:

Punjabi and Saraiki Debate Competition:

  • Arooj Aami (2nd Year DPT) – First
  • Sidra Noreen (5th Year) – Second
  • Hamid Riaz (4th Year) – Third


 On May 13, 2014, SZMC hosted a uniquely enthralling Video and Mushaira competition. The supervisor for Video Competition was Associate Professor Dr. Muhammad Ali Bukhari and the judges were Professor Dr. Tariq Mehmood Rehan, Associate Professor Dr. Mazhar Rafi Jam and  Assistant Professor Dr. Moazzam Ali Atif. The supervisor for the Mushaira competition was Associate Professor Dr. Shazia Majid and the judges were Associate Professor Dr. Syed Muhammad Aijaz Ali, Dr. Abdul Majid Khan and Dr. Ashfaq Nasir.

The winners were as follows:

Video Competition:

  • Yeh Wo Sahar To Nahin, directed by: Awais Akram (2nd Year) – First
  • The Silence, directed by: Muhammad Abubakar (2nd Year) – Second
  • Smart Phone and Dumb People, directed by: Ifrah Saleh (5th Year)  – Third

Mushaira Competition:

  • Muzamil Abbas (5th Year) – First
  • Anam Manzoor (3rd Year) – Second
  • Atif Noor (4th Year) – Third

        The frivolous literary week ended with Cultural Programme held on May 14, 2014. The students of SZMC enlightened the event with gleaming and enthusiastic performances including dramas, songs and stage performances. The supervisor was Associate Professor Dr. Nuzhat Rasheed and the judges were Professor Dr. Saqib Shafi, Professor Dr. Mubarak Ali Ch. and Associate Professor Dr. Irfan Ahmad. The position holders were: 

Drama Competition:

  • Taleem-e-Niswan, directed by: Ayesha Rahim (B.Sc, Allied Health Sciences) – First
  • Diabetic Love, directed by: Romesha Khalid (3rd Year) – Second
  • Sang-e-Giran Hay Zindagi, directed by: Hamza Arif (1st Year) – Third

Stage Performance Competition:

  • Sanam Kada Hay Jahan, directed by: Ali Raza (4th Year) – First
  • Mast Alast, directed by: Asad Mehmood (4th Year) – Second
  • Luka Chupi, directed by: Abbas Zafar (2nd Year) – Third

Songs Competition:

  • Haseeb Ahmad Rana (1st Year) – First
  • Arooj Aami (2nd Year DPT) – Second
  • Hassan Abbas Lashari (2nd Year) – Third

      And consequently, the remarkable and highly enjoyable literary week ended, bestowing us with well deserved refreshment and memories we shall cherish forever.