Library plays a major role in the academic life of an institute. The fundamental role of a library being educational, it should not be operated as a mere storehouse of books, but as a dynamic instrument of education. Like every educational institute,  SZMC Library is being organized on these lines.
Library also provides State-of-The-Art Audio-Visual facilities including Internet facility, CD's, Video Cassettes and data Projection System etc.


 History Of Library:


Library of Sheikh Zayed Medical College/Hospital Rahim Yar Khan was established in June 1999 to fulfill the requirements of CPSP for Postgraduate Training of MCPS, FCPS, at Sheikh Zayed Hospital Rahim Yar Khan. It is a well equipped & well managed library like other medical college’s libraries in Punjab. As per requirements, the museum was also included in this setup. The First library Committee was headed by the Chief Executive Gen. (R) Ishtiaq Hussain Shah. The founder chairman of the library committee was Dr. Saeed Akthar Malik (District Radiologist) and other members were Dr. Ali Hussain (A.M.S.), Dr. Abdul Rehman (District Pathologist) and Dr. Imran Bashir (M.O.). A post of library clerk was created to look after the library matters. Mr. Bakht Ali was appointed as library clerk in September 2000. A library attendant was also appointed. With the existence of Sheikh Zayed Medical College Rahim Yar Khan, the library was upgraded and renovated.



A well stock of books support not only every course in the curriculum, but also include selected stock of General Material of Books, Periodicals, Publications, Newspapers etc. The total number of books in the library is more than 7000. Latest foreign editions of commonly used books are available in sufficient numbers. Library full fills the needs of undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates requirements of books. New editions of books are regularly updated and all the measures are taken for availability of books to every student.


LIST OF JOURNALS FOR THE YEAR 2010 is given below :
Sr. No Title of The Journal
1 American Journal of Public Health
2 British Journal of Anesthesia
3 British Journal of Obs. and Gynae
4 British Journal of Ophthalmology
5 British Journal of Psychiatry
6 British Journal of Surgery
7 British Journal of Urology
8 Diabetes Care
9 Heart
10 Hematology Oncology Clinics of North America
11 Journal of Anatomy (Anatomical Society of Great Britain & Ireland)
12 Journal of Biochemistry
13 Journal of Clinical Pathology (British)
14 Journal of Neuro Surgery (British)
15 New England Journal of Medicine
16 Orthopedics Clinics of North America
17 Pediatric Clinics of North America
18 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
19 Radiology
20 Surgical Clinics of North America
21 The Journal of Laryngology and Otology (British)
22 Thorax (British)


The Library is under the control of the Principal who may setup a sub-committee with a Convener for its day to day management. The administration of the library is vested in the library committee, which is responsible for efficient management of the library.

Library Committee:

The Library Committee consists of one Chairman and three Members, which ensure the Library to run in Positive sense and instruct the Library Staff to run the Library as an effective part of Sheikh Zayed Medical College/Hospital Rahim Yar Khan. The meeting of library committee is held regularly to discuss about the library matters like purchase of books, journals etc.

Chairman of Library Committee:

Prof. Dr. Athar Maqbool (Head of Anatomy Department)


Members of Library Committee:

1. Dr. Muhammad Anwar (District Surgeon)
2. Dr. Shahzad Hussain Qadri (Assistant Prof. ENT Department)
3. Dr. Hassan Mehmood Tabassum (Head of the Islamiat & Pakistan studies Department & Assistant Prof. Surgical Department)


  1. The Library will be open on all working days including Sunday.
2. Silence and order must be maintained in the Library at all times. Any infringement of this rule will be punished by a fine.
3. Any person who lose, defaces or otherwise seriously damages books etc. shall be liable to pay the cost of the replacement and in the event of the book being one of the set or series, the cost of whole set or series, shall be paid by the person.
4. The following shall be entitled to use the library.
       a). The staff of the college and allied hospitals.
       b). Students of the college.
       c). Other doctors as approved by the library committee provided:
                          i). They become subscribers to the student's welfare fund by paying an annual subscription of Rs.500/-.
                          ii). They deposit Rs.500/- as security for the return of books.