Department Of Orthopaedic Surgery




Department of Orthopedic Surgery was established in 1987 in DHQ Hospital Rahim Yar Khan.

Heads Of The Department

1. Dr. Mahmood Ahmed Ch.
(August 1987 to 2004)

2. Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
(2005 to 2006)

3. Dr. Muhammad Azeem
(05-07-2006 to 20-01-2010)

4. Prof. Dr. Irfan Mehboob
(21-01-2010 to 05-10-2012)

5. Dr. Muhammad Azeem
(06-10-2012 to date)

Recognition with CPSP:

Recognized for F.C.P.S Training in Orthopedic Surgery September 2010

Faculty of the Department :

Name Designation  
Dr. Mohammad Azeem Professor
Dr. Mohammad Zafar Iqbal Professor  
Dr. Naseer Ahmed Ch. Associate   Professor  
Dr. Asghar Ali ch Associate Professor  
Dr. Abdul Rauf Tippu Associate Professor
Dr. M.Saleem Assistant Professor  
Dr. Mohsin Bilal Assistant Professor  
Dr. Fraz umer Senior Registrar  
Dr. Aamir Hameed  Senior Registrar  
Dr. Ishfaq Mazari Senior Registrar  
Dr. M. Tahir Shafi Senior Registrar  


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Orthopedic ward consists of 65 beds, including both male and female almost fully occupied. Orthopedic department is well equipped with almost all latest facilities; like image intensifier, arthroscope and close intramedullary nailing system and facilities of microsurgery are also available. We have class room and conference room attached to orthopedic ward. Facilities for arthoplasty are also available. Internet facility is available in ward for utilization by trainees.


  • Daily Trauma morning meeting in ward.
  • Journal club once weekly.
  • Weekly Clinical Pathological Conference in ward.
  • Conducted Primary Trauma Course workshop in April, 2010.

Future Activities

  • Trauma course to be conducted monthly
  • Activity on world osteoporotic day
  • Workshops on medical writing and synopsis writing.