Hall of Fame

Sheikh Zayed Medical College Alumni Hall of Fame, aims to inspire future generations of SZMC graduates by honoring Senior Zayedians whose incredible achievements demonstrate the power of education and mentor-ship and personify the mission and values learnt at SZMC .
SZMC Alumni are among-st the leaders in our community. This Hall of Fame features distinguished Zayedians known for their exceptional achievements within their professional field.

First Professional M.B.B.S Part I Annual Examination

Year of Examination Name of candidateFather’s NameMarks obtainedPosition
2003M. Shahzad SarwarCh. M. Sarwar314/550First
2004Meer M. NawazAhmed Nawaz385/550First
2005Samreen Salim KhanM. Salim Khan395/550First
2006Farah SadiaMunir Akhtar407/550First
2007Sharjeel MurtazaGhulam Murtaza427/550First
2008Sidra Latif Rana Muhammad latif407/550First
2009Rahat Bano Siddique Muhammad Siddique450/550First
2009Amna Razzaq Abdul Razzaq450/550First
2010Ifrah Saleh Muhammad Saleh444/550First
2011Saba Tariq Khalid Maqsood Tariq477/600First
2012Umme KalsoomMuhammad Younas474/600First
2012Rida FatimaAthar Maqbool474/600First
2013Nazia bibiSher Muhammad Solangi480/600First
2014Mahnoor AhsanSyed Ahsan Ali490/600First
2015Adan FarooqMuhammad Farooq476/600First
2016Arfa BatoolLiaquat Ali474/600First
2017Saniya Kamal Kamal Hussain505/600First

First Professional M.B.B.S Part II Annual Examination

Year of Examination Name of candidateFather’s NameMarks ObtainedPosition
2004 M. Shahzad SarwarCh. M. Sarwar400/550First
2005  Meer M. Nawaz  Ahmed Nawaz416/550First
2006 Samreen Salim Khan  M. Salim Khan410/550First
2007 Syed Shams-ul-Hassan Syed Mureed Hussain Shah439/550First
2008  Nadia Ilyas Muhammad Ilyas 439/550First
2009 Sidra Latif Rana Muhammad latif 432/550First
2010 Hafsa SyedDr. Syed Muhammad Aijaz Ali Zaidi447/550First
2010 Rahat Bano SiddiquiMuhammad Siddique447/550First
2011 Saba Mukhtar Muhammad Mukhtar468/600First
2012 Iqra Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf489/600First
2013 Rida FatimaAthar Maqbool495/600First
2014 Nazia BibiSher Muhammad Solangi497/600First
2015 Mahnoor Ahsan Syed Ahsan Ali488/600First
2016 Andleeb FatimaMuhammad Zahid516/600First
2017 Maheen Shahid Shahid Iqbal496/600First

Second Professional M.B.B.S Annual Examinations

Year of Examination Name of candidateFather’s NameMarks ObtainedPosition
2005Sumera NighatArshad Mahmood Tahir531/800First
2006Meer M. NawazAhmed Nawaz605/800First
2007Nida KhanMohammad Tariq Khan684/800First
2008Ali Sher Rana Muhammad akram rana 687/900First
2009 Muhammad Nauman Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf 705/900First
2010 Sidra latif Rana Muhammad Latif707/900First
2011 Hafsa Sayed Sayed Ijaz Ali Zaidi 757/1000First
2012 Muhammad Rizwan Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf 765/1000First
2013 Iqra Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf801/1000First
 2014Ume kalsoomMuhammad Younis 779/1000First
2015Syeda Masooma Batool JafariSyed Asim Raza Jafari830/1000First
2016Mahnoor AhsanSyed Ahsan Ali827/1000First
2017Kainat Khalid Khalid Mehmood827/1000First

Third Professional M.B.B.S Annual Examinations

Year of Examination Name of candidateFather’s NameMarks ObtainedPosition
2006Mahwish Arooj  Sheikh Fayyaz-ud-Din715/1000First
2007Sonia Zulfiqar  Rana Zulfiqar Hadi718/1000First
2008Muhammad Aslam  Barkhurdar759/1000First
2009Syed Shams-ul-Hassan Syed Mureed Hussain Shah 790/1000First
2010Shirjeel Murtaza  Ghulam Murtaza783/1000First
2011Sidra Lateef Rana Muhammad Lateef774/1000First
2012 Hafsa Sayed Sayed Ijaz Ali Zaidi784/1000First
2013Saleh MushtaqMushtaq Ahmad Khan779/1000First
2014Iqra AshrafMuhammad Ashraf817/1000First
2015Iqra ShaheenAbdul Qadir818/1000First
2016Muhammad OwaisHafiz Muhammad Sadiq791/1000First
2017Mahnoor AhsanSyed Ahsan Ali829/1000First

Final Professional M.B.B.S Annual Examinations

Year of Examination Name of candidateFather’s NameMarks ObtainedPosition
2007Mahwish AroojSheikh Fayyaz-ud-Din1126 /1500First
2008Tayyaba KhanJaved Ahmed Khan1064 /1500First
2009Muhammad AslamBarkhurdar1102/1500First
2010Syed Shams-ul-HassanSyed Mureed Hussain Shah1137/1500First
2011Sajid AnwerHaji Muhammad Anwar1074/1500First
2012Sidra LateefRana Muhammad Latif1118/1500First
2013Adil MohyiudinMohyiudin shaheen1116/1500First
2014Saliha MushtaqDr. Mushtaq Ahmad Khan1158/1500First
2015Iqra AshrafMuhammad Ashraf1160/1500First
2016Iqra ShaheenAbdul Qadir1165/1500First
2017Syeda Masooma Batool JafriSyed Asim Raza Jafri1214/1500First