Events Gallery 2018-19

30TH October 2019, Two Days Medicolegal Work / Autopsy & Exhumation Training Workshop 28/10/19 to 29/10/19 with the theme of “SAFE MEDICOLEGAL PRACTICE”.

13TH June 2019, Press Release 13-06-19.

13TH June 2019, Visit of fourteen members CPSP inspection team SZMC/H for accreditation of MCPS program in the relevant departments. With this accreditation SZMC/H excels in the number of Post Graduate accredited departments in whole of Punjab. SZMC/H is second to Mayo Hospital Lahore in number and variety of postgraduate Approved specialties being run over here on 13-06-19.

12TH June 2019, Prof. Dr. Bushra Sher Zaman, after visiting Obs & Gynaecology Department as CPSP inspector for accreditation of MCPS course with Principal and Faculty members in Principal office SZMC Rahim Yar Khan on 12-06-19. She was presented with the Sheild and Ajrak as a token of memory from College administration.

12TH June 2019, Press Release.

11TH June 2019, Meeting regarding preparation for CPSP team for accreditation of MCPS course in various Basic and Clinical Departments held in conference Room SZMC on 11.06.19 at 01.00 PM. The Inspection is being held on 13.06.2019.

Walk and Workshop on “Awareness & Prevention of Thalassemia”    
 Inauguration of FUJI CR system In Emergency Radiology Department  Inauguration of ZAYEDIANS CAFETERIA for Boys Visit of Minister Health in Sheikh Zayed Medical College/Hospital
  The 71st Independence Day of Pakistan
14 August 2018
  Inauguration Annual Sports 2018    Funfair Annual Sports 2018 
  Final Day Annual Sports 2018    Farewell Party   Inauguration of Raigzaar